|Leroyal| Leroyal – the record of civilization.

In the European classical furniture, Leroyal explores the meaning of classicalness with its excellent craftsmanship and elegant taste. It is the most typical of Changfeng's product lines, rich in contemporary spirits and aesthetic value. It is designed by Italian designers, who have pure aesthetic taste. It reflects Italy’s hand-made craftsmanship, whether in its exquisite carving or complex decoration and shows its delicate texture. It has sediment filtered by time, reflected in its traditional pull-color process and paint color shades. With the passage of time, Leroyal adheres to human aspiration for beauty and freedom since ancient times, and reflects human inheritance of life and honour in wood and carving.
Furniture is a silent recorder of all the family’s good emotionss and their precious tradition. With such a feeling, Leroyal elegantly records every family history. Traditions are a family’s luxury and an era’s civilization only when they are passed down.